Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Would You Want To Read More?


 Chapter One

             I heard the fading sound of the ute’s engine at the same time as I smelled the dust cloud it was leaving in it’s wake, and before I even opened my eyes I knew I’d messed up big time. I felt a chill run the length of my arms and tickle my finger tips, but still I lay there, how was I gunna get out of this one? No one else was moving; I thought about closing my eyes and pretending I hadn’t just missed my ride to the airport, but I knew things would only get worse the longer I willed time to turn backwards.
            That truck was supposed to take me the hundred and eighty kilometers to Port Hedland where I’d catch the only flight of the day to what was going to be my home for the next three years.  A hundred and eighty kilometers would be a long time to get over what I was sure was about to happen to me because I’d missed hitching a ride on that truck. Three years in a Christian Brothers boarding school wouldn’t erase the memory of the tirade I was sure I was about to hear, and I couldn’t put it off any longer. As I rose up on my elbow and peered through the tatty mosquito netting hanging loosely around my cast iron bed frame, I could barely make out the crown of my dad’s balding head three beds away. 

Old Muccan Station Homestead

This, is a ute!


  1. OH YEAH ! Keep it coming!!!

    Sounds Great Mate!!!


  2. ABSOLUTELY, YES! Jon, you are an incredible writer! Your work blows me away. LOVE the photos and look forward to buying your books in print. Look out world, author Jon Egan will inspire you to tears.