Monday, December 3, 2012


What can I write about, really, I know it's beginning to sound like a perpetual whine, but it's probably the first thing that goes through my mind when I wake up, and I know it's the last thing that runs through it before I finally give up and go to sleep.
I guess that's a good thing, especially since I eventually want to be a writer, actually I am a writer, so I should rephrase that, and say, since I eventually want to make a living as a writer. So as usual I woke up this morning and as I poured my first cup of coffee I tried to remember all those fantastical ideas that rattled around my head at one-thirty-three a.m. then I remembered, I don't write fantastical stuff, which is a shame cuz I had some rippers bouncing around in there. So I tried again and realized that all the fantastical stuff partying in my head was my defense against the realities that were prying at the chinks in my not so well constructed armor.

Every few seconds as I lay in my bed last night wishing that, for this one tonight, please let me just instantly fall asleep, I don't want that phase of pre-sleep where all the worries and stresses of the day get to amplify and rewind on a slow motion loop. Naturally, I didn't get that, instead I got to lay, eyes closed, brain synapses exploding and they were all about my little bugger of a cat Opie. Now, I know there are people out there who will read this and think or say out loud, "Are you kidding me? the damn cat, he's still on about that damn cat." and to those people I can say right now "Piss off, and go read some other blog," because if you can't or don't understand the bond between humans and pets then you're a little bit sick and I don't need to have you as a friend or acquaintance.

Opie was just the coolest cat, and so my post today is dedicated to him.

We just walked in, to grab some pounce,
And there he was,
We just walked past, ignored his meow,
And he simply stared,
We just walked on, and scanned the shelves,
And he lay down,
We just walked over, and stroked his back,
And he purred,
We just leaned down, and picked him up,
And he snuggled in,
We just looked at each other, and both said no,
And he understood,
We just went through the check out line,
And he watched us leave,
We just went back, for a second look,
And he perked up,
We just couldn't leave him there,
And he came home,
We just loved this ginger cat,
And he loved back,
We just had him with us for ten years,
And he had us,
We just couldn't bear to hear the news,
And he already knew,
We just cried and stroked and loved him up,
And he knew why,
We just wanted him to be at rest,
And he knew when,
We just didn't know when to call it quits,
And he did,
We just held his body one last time,
And he knows peace.


  1. Jon, sorry about Opie leaving you like that, but you had a great run. You gave him a life he couldn't even dream of at the humane society. Glad he's out of pain.

  2. Thanks Kim, he did have a good run, and we were really selfishly thankful that he found a corner to curl up in to take his last breath and we didn't have to make that horrible decision!

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  4. What a beautiful, sweet, sweet heartfelt poem, Jon. I know how much you love OPIE, because it's the same love I have for our dog, LUCY. I gave her a hug and told her about OPIE. That cat's got to be smiling and meowing and getting into mischief somewhere. Or maybe he's celebrating, because he had the best darn life at your place.

    Great post. (P.S. Still figuring out how to get straight to sleep, too.)

    1. :) Thanks Sandra, you're so much like us when it comes to the pets, we brought all of ours in to say good bye to Opie, and in fact it was our Wunya and Yulara, our puppers who came and got us when Opie decided to move on! Animals are very special people and I know that lill bugger Opie is for sure having the time of his life now.

      And the sleeping thing! yea not sure as a writer if its a curse or a blessing! Thanks for reading and commenting. xox

  5. I know it's hard. He was looking so good just those few weeks ago, & we hoped for the best. And maybe the best is the way he went, on his own terms. Glad we got to spend some time with him before he moved on. Lovely, heartfelt poem. Sending hugs to you & Patty.

  6. Thanks Kathy, it really was a gift to us the way he went. :(